Lucky Lady: A Charter on the Edge of Excellence

Stepping on board at the Antigua Charter Show, we discovered the stand-out qualities keeping her at the top of the Burgess charter fleet.

As you step into the main saloon, you’re hit with a zen-like ambience. Inviting and comfortable, the recently refitted spaces have been designed with the sole focus of making guests feel at ease. The burnt-orange interiors, in fact, were a result of the new Norwegian Birch Burl and Mahogany lined walls, enhanced by the reflection from the Lalique glass floor. The second stand-out feature? A wine-cellar that doubles as a work of art, also fit for consumption!

But charter isn’t all about opulence… We soon learned that the feeling of comfort was driving Lucky Lady’s charter successes; “On the charter market we stand out because we’re very comfortable…

It’s one of the things the owners wanted to do when they came on the boat they pretty much changed the interior,” began Captain Rob Shelnut. He continued, “For example the space we’re in now with the wine-showcase was a piano which nobody used. They wanted functional areas that people would use. They made it inviting and comfortable for everybody!”

In fact, the whole on-board experience is effortless for a yacht of 60m+. From dock to sundeck, the build makes for a seamless fluidity throughout; a testament to her builders at Oceanco. Rob elaborates on her most remedying guest feature; “We have a full length owners deck which is private or can be open depending on what the charter guests want to do and I think that makes it stand out; it’s something most boats don’t have.”

Further we spoke with First Officer, Jerad O’Dwyer about what Lucky Lady provides for those with activities at the heart of their charter. He described, “On Lucky Lady we're very lucky to have a full-time golf tee upstairs on the sundeck; so we’re able to clear all the furniture off, move the hand rails and set up a proper golf green [....] on charter at anchor that’s something that’s a really really enjoyable afternoon thing to do as the sun is setting - hitting golf balls out into the ocean.”

And with a Pro-Golfer as part of the crew, a demonstration followed; one that could make a round of golf appealing to even the least adventurous.

In addition to golfing, though, Lucky Lady’s sundeck leaves little to desire. Ample al-fresco dining space, a bar for entertaining, a centerpiece pool complete with a waterfall, and a whole lot of space for lounging. A space you could truly spend all day in without having to move inside.

With these features combined, it’s difficult to think what more 10 guests could need, but a Captain who received the most revered award in charter is really the icing on the cake. Rob explains, “I think the reason I received the Charter Captain of the Year Award was because I’m very involved and part of what I do is instead of just telling the crew what needs to be done is I’ll be there with them.”

He closes our conversation with the bottom line; “I like to get involved with the guests and be around as they’re doing things and meeting and greeting them as they get on the boat and kind of just get involved in the programme which I don't think a lot of Captains do and I think that’s important.”

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  • Lucky Lady: A Charter on the Edge of Excellence
  • Lucky Lady: A Charter on the Edge of Excellence
  • Lucky Lady: A Charter on the Edge of Excellence
  • Lucky Lady: A Charter on the Edge of Excellence
  • Lucky Lady: A Charter on the Edge of Excellence