FORMA Marine Furniture - GLYFADA (Attiki)

The history of FORMA marine furniture begins in 1979 along with the youthful dreams of its founders. Since the beginning the company enjoyed steady growth and accumulated experience and knowledge in the manufacture of marine furniture. During this long period we developed strong ties with our customers and suppliers with whom we have worked side by side all these years in friendship and mutual respect. After 25 years of serving the marine market, we still feel the same enthusiasm as in the early days. We are proud that FORMA's products today are enjoyed worldwide. Our mission is to create specialized furniture for sea lovers. Our clients can rely on us for quality and value. We offer a wide range of quality outdoor furniture, specifically created for marine and beach leisure. We study the needs and trends of the market, we add our own expertise, and strive to offer top quality for value. Our clients can rely on us! Research and development We are constantly seeking quality in everything we do. Our R&D department is committed to continuously creating new models and studying even the finest details. We use the most updated design methods for the development of new products. We value your help and welcome your feedback and suggestions which enable us to better understand your needs. Testing Our products undergo very thorough tests to ensure full compliance with European Regulations. If you wish to check the full set of tests performed on the chairs, please click here - tests. Production Production is our passion. Most products we deliver are manufactured in our factory and are mostly handmade.The highly trained and experienced production staff manufacture the finest marine furniture you can buy. Our plant is equipped with the latest production machinery which enables us to deliver quality products. Ample storage facilities permit us to hold sufficient stock of our range of models. Social commitment Boating activities unavoidably harm marine environment and the species which live in the sea. We consider it our duty to donate every year a portion of our income for the protection of the marine environment.
5, Nezer Street, Glyfada, 16674, Attiki, Greece
210 8942170
210 8942906