KATRADIS Marine Ropes SA

Katradis Group of companies is an established company that has been in the marine industry since 1936. We manufacture a wide range of synthetic mooring ropes and steel wire ropes. We also produce zinc and aluminum sacrificial anodes for the cathodic protection of ships' hull and tank. In addition, we provide an array of steel wire ropes up to 80mm and all types of constructions.

Katradis is a major stockist of anchors and anchor chains. Our line of products also includes port development and deck equipment.

In recent years our production line has expanded to include yachting ropes as well as fishing and aquaculture nets.

We offers a wide range of premium quality ropes specially designed for Yachts and Mega-Yachts, the Aqua Line series. Apart from using only the best and strongest fibers, the main concept behind these premium line ropes is to treat every yacht individually and offer custom made solutions, ensuring the satisfaction of every need.

Using the support of an extensive global network of affiliated establishments, agents, suppliers and representatives. We guarantee immediate service worldwide.

Of course, Quality Control is an essential part of our rope production that ensures our ropes’ performance. All fiber materials in our factory are tested thoroughly by authorized personnel using high-tech equipment, in conditions according to EN, DIN, ISO, and ASTM standards.

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/katradis-marine-ropes-industry-sa

11. Psaron str, Piraeus, 18603, Drapetsona, Greece
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