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The team is specialised at  yacht  360 virtual tour  . Unlike static pictures and videos  ,with virtual tours  you browse through 360 degrees easily and directly with an integrated presentation of the site without having the visitor to change page.
With the Virtual Tour  through the hot spots visitors  go from one place to another without restrictions, fast and with one click.
The visitors can easily share the presentation at the social media or send it with email  using the “share thumb” .
The presentation is VR compatible and includes:
a)Panoramic  photos  of the vessel
b)Your company logo which links at your booking page of your site
c)Boat scetch with radar
You can see a sample of our presentation at the link below:

For any other information, contact at :
Mr Christos Vrinas
+30 210 6019646
+30 6947683737

+30 6947683737
+30 210 6019646