76.6m YERSIN Explorer Enters Charter Market

Delivered in 2015 by French shipyard Piriou with exterior design by Pierre Jacques Kubis, Yersin is built as a powerful and rugged explorer yacht. She is capable of reaching the most remote spots on the globe, packed with an impressive arsenal of discovery equipment all while simultaneously offering a sublimely luxurious experience for her guests. She now joins the rapidly growing SuperYachtsMonaco charter fleet that includes Abeking & Rasmussen's 72.5m Cloudbreak and Heesen's 51m Irisha.

Commenting on the incorporation of Yersin, SuperYachtsMonaco Director Alex Banning said “we are delighted to have such a unique yacht in our fleet. Being new to the charter market, we would tell all charter clients that if you have the pleasure of chartering Yersin then expect a well-balanced experience of play, comfort, style and exploring, no matter where you choose to go.

For the ultimate adrenaline-filled adventure, Yersin comes equipped with two 7.5m Zodiac Hurricanes and a quad fitted with caterpillar tracks to take to all terrain. Whether on land or sea, Yersin caters for action with amenities including an on-board professional diving facility and space for jet skis and bicycles. The 76.6 metre explorer is built for long-distance missions, and her main deck accommodates space for specialist equipment including a submarine and seaplane.

For those among her 12 guests who would prefer a more peaceful and indulgent escape, Yersin is designed to have something for everyone, giving her great liveability. Around the Giga yacht, you will find everything from a Hammam spa, hairdresser and a 12 seater private cinema. 24 crew members are on hand to attend to every need of the guests, while each of the 8 guest cabins comes with a holistic entertainment system and en suite facilities. The open and modern layout of Yersin allows her plenty of social spaces, and for evening entertainment guests can move from the two formal dining rooms into the two on-board cocktail bars.

“The beauty of Yersin,” Mr Banning told Superyachts.com, “is her versatility of superyacht comfort with commercial ship durability. She can provide superyacht, luxury or no-frills simplicity, with the most adventurous, remote and mind-blowing itineraries to explore that’s unique to the charter market.”

Importantly for a market that is increasingly eco-conscious, Yersin is able to provide all of these things in an environmentally-friendly manner. “Above all she can travel from destination to destination with minimal impact on the environment,” says Banning, and this was recognised when Yersin was awarded with CLEANSHIP class notations, owing to the ultramodern green technology that has been installed throughout the vessel.

In Yersin, SuperYachtsMonaco have gained an exciting and distinctive addition to their charter fleet that is built to “travel, explore and educate”.