A Captain's Perspective: Cruising the Fjords with Steel

“MY Steel has A1 Ice class and a massive fuel range of 6000nm, so long expeditions of the amazing fjords and high latitude scenery is easily achieved,” begins Captain Justin. Steel’s impressive expedition capabilities means that she is perfectly at home chartering unconventional destinations such as Scandinavia. These areas are some of the most uniquely beautiful in the world, offering experiences quite distinct from the established idylls of the Caribbean and Mediterranean. “The scenery is amazing and the midnight sun is incomparable,” says Captain Justin, “On our last cruise we saw whales and dolphins. Norway is becoming more popular, but as soon as you leave the port you are on your own with the fjord.”

These alluring destinations are gaining the recognition that they are due, as more and more superyacht owners and charters catch wind of this stunning corner of the globe. Increasingly, therefore, shipyards are met with requests to create yachts with the technical capabilities to venture into the unknown. “I do think that this is the direction that the industry is moving in, and that people increasingly looking to travel to less conventional destinations,” says Justin, “But it will always be more of a niche market as the water is not quite as warm. However, the scenery more than makes up for it.”

Steel also makes no compromises when it comes to balancing her explorer status with the luxury onboard experience. “She does this incredibly well,” says Justin, “We have a dedicated interior team of 5 and sufficient deck crew for all guest activities, and each anchor chain is over 250m long so the ship will always be safely anchored wherever she may be.” The 58.4m also refuses to cut corners when it comes to leisure and entertainment facilities, offering a full garage of water sports equipment, a heated 6m swimming pool and a large 10m rib for touring the spectacular fjords.

This 2009-launched ice-class yacht is all the proof you need that hardy explorers can coexist as custom-tailored luxury designs. Place this in amongst the sublime fjords of Scandinavia, and you have an unforgettable charter experience.