Catching Up With Lili: 55m Amels Charter Giant

One undeniable prevailing trend in yachting in recent years has been the increase in demand to charter in increasingly remote and adventurous locations. In a dynamic industry that always seeks to evolve and innovate the newest technology, modes and methods, the bar for superyachts to reach is climbing ever higher. Enter Lili, the 55m Amels superyacht, who embarked last December on what can only be described as the charter adventure of a lifetime.

Equipped with an abundance of features - from an on-board cinema to an expert spa professional - to ensure her guests enjoy the height of luxury during their stay, Lili has been exploring the far-flung corners of the world’s oceans since her foray into the Maldives in the middle of last December.

At the time of writing, Lili is basking in the Mediterranean sun in northern Sardinia, having stopped off in the Middle East en route to the Indian Ocean. As Captain Carter told us, “Lili has been chartering in the South West corner of Turkey and also the Italian Riviera (Capri, Amalfi, etc…) and expects a very busy and successful summer charter season!”

In terms of what is next for Imperial’s crown charter jewel, she expects to stop off at the Balearics in early August for mid summer season during her short stay in the Mediterranean. September will see a Mediterranean month, preceding a shipyard stop in November - October months, before embarking out to the Caribbean in December.

Captain Carter has confirmed that the requests for charter have been coming in thick and fast - in shedding some light on Lili’s commercial success, he adds, “The success is based on the quality of our crew and the experience offered on board… we look forward to discovering more!”

Carter also reports that the team is not only “on time on the Worldwide Tour Plan” but also perhaps unsurprisingly have “considerably extended [their] possibilities, so charter guests can expect the best from the vessel and the crew”.

Such is testament to Lili’s unfettered success, and we at can confirm that we will certainly be keeping a close eye on this dream vessel’s journey as she sails onward.

Lili is currently available for charter with Imperial Yachts.