MYS 2018: Antigua on the Superyacht Scene

Antigua is hugely popular destination, and it is easy to see why. An idyllic Caribbean paradise, the island is set apart in its retention of a quiet, authentic charm. "People come here for the sun, sea and sand," says Eloise, "But also because Anigua is one of the islands that has been able to maintain its charm. It has not overdeveloped itself."

Antigua has been a magnet for the superyacht community for years. The island boasts 365 beaches (one for every day of the year); a volume and diversity that is incredibly suited to the superyacht lifestyle. "Sometimes you go to the beach and you have it all to yourself," Eloise tells us.

Keen to showcase the island's charter appeal, Peter tells us how to make the most of the Anitguan coast with the perfect route: "The best place to start is Nelson's Dockyard for the whole historical aspect, then you go to the Caribbean side, and there are plenty of places to stop there. Then you go to Barbuda, where there is 11 miles of beach with nobody on them. Then you go around the east side to Green Island and back to English Harbour."

As Chairman of the Antigua Charter Show, this is Peter's area of expertise. Founded 57 years ago and having grown to become the largest charter show in the world, this industry event is a broker staple. "We are kind of a melting pot where brokers come from America and Europe to meet each other," Peter tells us.

Having broken into the industry around 15 years ago, Antigua is well equipped to facilitate superyacht owners. "Antigua has grown to facilitate the boats with bigger marinas," says Peter, "The boats have got bigger, there are more people, but otherwise it hasn't changed that much." Antigua's lifestyle industry and luxury sector is also suited to yachting, boasting some very high end resorts and the restaurants to go with them.

Once the base of Admiral Nelson, Antigua's maritime history lives on in the form of nautical tourism, and becoming part of it is a highly alluring concept.