New World Experience Part 1: Mark Robba on Dunia Baru

Not built on a budget, nor with a time schedule, Mr Robba had the patience to create an Indonesian phinisi masterpiece; built with the elegance and drama required to reflect her surroundings. Mark explains, “Dunia Baru is a truly Indonesian yacht, down to her very soul. She was crafted by hand by the renowned Konjo Boat Builder, who have been building the finest phinisis for generations. Asmat wood carvers made incredible wall panels on board, while artisans from Bali did paintings and extraordinary artwork was collected for the yacht from across the archipelago.”

Now available for charter, Dunia Baru is a rare superyacht that has been purposely crafted to fit with one destination. “South East Asia has so much to offer visiting superyachts,” Mark shares, explaining the reasoning behind a destination-built vessel... “We've explored the waters around Malaysia, Thailand, Palau and the Mergui Archipelago, but honestly, we could spend the next 20 years in Indonesia and still find new things.”

What’s slightly, less-rare, however, is the conversation on South East Asia as a growing yachting destination. Seeing the traffic first hand, Mark describes, “It is a booming yachting destination as well and an increasing number of foreign flagged superyachts are coming here. There is so much to explore.” But, as the experienced owner explains, only Indonesian flagged boats are allowed to charter in these remote waters. Dunia Baru of course, makes this list.

So with a vessel more than fit for purpose we asked the question, why Indonesia? “It is astonishingly beautiful here. And, unlike the beautiful places in the Med or Caribbean, it is still an untouched paradise. You can find yourself in remote bays or anchored off of deserted beaches without another vessel in sight. You could pass a whole charter without seeing another soul a part from the people on your yacht,” surely what every superyacht owner or charterer wants?

Aside from the off-radar ability of the country’s 1,700 islands and islets, Robba mentions a handful of other major draws which include the natural diversity of the renowned Coral Triangle, housing some of the best diving and snorkelling in the world, as well as birdwatching and animal-spotting… not to forget the Balinese Beach Clubs.

So with a one of a kind built vessel in an other-wordly location, Mark continues this conversation in Part 2, explaining the unusual charter experience on board…