Part 1: East Med Yachting on Chartering a Region

“The Eastern Mediterranean is a very special place,” begins Kaan, “You have a hugely diverse range of cultures, amazing cuisines and spectacular landscapes.” Indeed, the Aegean, Ionian and Adriatic seas, and all of the blissfully secluded islands that inhabit them, are picture-perfect, yielding an visual feast of emerald waters and burnished shores. And let’s not forget the region’s rich history: “These areas are crowded with fascinating archaeological sites, namely ancient ports and medieval towns,” says Kaan.

So what makes this corner of Europe particularly suited to chartering? From the Managing Director’s enthusiastic response, it is clear that that the answers to this question are manifold. “The secluded and sheltered bays, as well as the multitude of picturesque islands, make for amazing cruising grounds and numerous possible itineraries,” he says, “There is also plenty of safe anchorages for swimming and water sports, made even better by the cleanliness and beauty of the water.”

The warm climate and favourable waters are only half the appeal of an Eastern Med tour, however. A regional charter will take you from one stunning embarkation spot to the next, where stepping onto dry land yields a world of opportunities for activity, leisure and discovery. “Firstly, the region is very accessible, with lots of incoming international flights and short distances to the nearest airports. There are also lots of marinas and ports, so it is a very easy place to navigate by yacht,” Kaan elaborates, “But once you do disembark, there are beautiful landscapes, amazing dining facilities and the warm hospitality of the local people to enjoy.”

Continued in Part 2...