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The Archaeological Museum of Kea is an intersting and well structured museum exhibiting discoveries from excavations that took place in the important historic sites of the island. It houses artefacts from the Post Neolithic Age, the Early, the Middle and the Post Copper Ages and the 7th - 2nd century BC. The Museum was founded in the 70’s and reopened after a major renovation, presenting two permanent collections:

a) The Pre-Historic Collection (2nd floor) exhibits findings from the Late Neolithic Kephala Cemetery and findings from the settlement of Agia Eirini (Bronze age) such as clay and marble figurines, pottery and the well-known terracotta statues "Kores" (girls) of natural size, wearing long clothes.

b) The Historic Collection (1st floor) houses important sculptures, buildings's remainings and inscriptions (Archaic to Roman period). Among the most important exhibits are the sculptures from the pediment of the Archaic Temple of Athena (in Karthaia).

Some other important exhibits are: Jar with marine motifs from Ag. Eirini (16th - 15th century BC), Marble glass from the Kephala Cemetery (3300-3200 BC), Early Cycladian marble figurines from Agia Eirini (2500-2000 BC), Terracotta female statue from the sanctuary of Agia Eirini (15th century BC), Torso of Athena’s marble statue and Base with inscription of Thesseus name, from the pediments of Athena's Temple (Karthaia - 500 BC) etc

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