MYS 19: Ocean Independence on Efficient Explorers

Around the Show, visitors will see that Ocean Independence is exhibiting a number of exciting vessels including Endeavour II and Irimari, some of the most eagerly anticipated vessels at Port Hercules this week.

The 63m Sunrise yacht Irimari is a favourite among charter clients, and sits right in the centre of Port Hercules, an aesthetic giant turning heads across the show. While Endeavour II, a 50m tri-deck explorer described by Toby Maclaurin as a “pocket explorer”, offers power and performance (perfect for exploration) like no other. Powered by a diesel-electric hybrid system, Endeavour II is a highly efficient explorer yacht that is easily capable of transatlantic crossings. This combination of an efficient and environmentally conscious yacht is something that Ocean Independence sees as a vital part of the industry’s future.

There is a trend of a move to explorer style yachts,” explains Nick Dean, though he acknowledges that the exact definition of an explorer yacht is variable. Nonetheless, Dean believes that this trend is opening up the market to a new way of thinking. “We have seen some wonderful smaller yachts that 10 years ago we may have said ‘what on earth is that’, but it is fitting client lifestyle.” This shift in the approach is helping designers to flourish and is paving the way for exciting collaborations.

On the subject of green yachting, Nick Dean believes the trend should be viewed as an opportunity, and it must be used as a platform for innovative new designs. “To be green and not look green I think is going to be a crucial part of this business for the future. That’s up to us as an industry to create a new way of thinking. In the next two or three years a lot of this is going to be law. These rules have been coming for a very long time and now we need to accelerate the thinking of ‘how’. It’s not just a trend, it’s a necessity.”