ALONISSOS island: Why Visit Featured

Alonissos has incredible natural beauty and nice beaches with emerald green waters which are considered as the cleanest in the Aegean Sea. A part of its sea has been declared a Marine Park because it is a breeding ground for the rare species of monk seal, the Monachus Monachus. It has beautiful pine forests covering half the island and coming down to the sea, creating idylic sceneries. It also has one of the most picturesque traditional greek villages, "Hora" ("Town" in Greek). Hora is built on the top of a hill, offering breathtaking view of the Aegean and used to be the islands' capital in the past. Nowdays the capital is "Patitiri", also the island's port. Hora and Patitri attract most of the visitors. Alonissos has two more small settlements, "Votsi" and "Steni Vala", whith a small dock, famous among yachters (see listings "beaches" and "highlights").    
Alonissos is never overcrowded and is recommended for relaxation. It attracts mostly Greeks and has fewer foreign tourists compared to Skiathos and Skopelos. It does not have considerable night life but has a few cosy bars. However it offers a big selection of excellent and very atmospheric restaurants, tavernas and cafes. Most of its beautiful beaches are located in the south and are protected from the prevailing "meltemi" (north - northwest winds). Some of them have only few bathers, even in the high season (August).



- Idylic bays with marvelous emerald green waters and pine trees, located in the southern coast (protected from Meltemi). However with north wind over 4-5bf, they have swell
- Marvelous natural beauty, unspoilt forests and beaches, not crouded even in high season
- Calmer winds even in July and August, compared to the other Aegean Islands where strong "meltemi" wind prevails.
- The small "Steni Vala", is one of the most picturesque greek fishing villages. If you are lucky to find a place to moor there you will enjoy tasty food (fresh fish, lobster spaghetti etc) at the tavernas right on the dock (see separate listing).  
- Alonisos is close to the rest of the Sporades islands. Therefore is very convenient for tours to the known Skopelos and Skiathos and rest the uninhabited islands (Kyra Panagia, Peristera etc)

-    Not organized marina
-    Limited mooring places (found only in Patitiri and Steni Vala).
-    Patitiri (in the southern coast) has swell even with strong northern winds (over 5bf)
-    Most of the southern bays, even though protected, have swell with strong northern winds (over 4-5 bf)
-    Small island with fewer beaches, places to visit and things to do, compared to other islands.
-    It rains very often - even in the summer.