Daily Cruises in Corfu

Daily Cruises in Corfu
Corfu the island of grace and politeness is the Northest Island in the Ionian Sea. It lies opposite the coast of Epirus mainland and it is separated from Albania in the north part of it by a narrow Strait of 1.5 sea miles.

Corfu is the capital of the seven Ionian Islands with an area of 592 square kilometres it is the second largest Island of the Ionian Islands, with a beautiful coastline of 217 km. and the first in population with over 110.000 inhabitants. Corfu is the greenest island of all Greece. The impressive vegetation of the island consist mainly of olive and cypress trees, (about 4 million olive trees) which are planted by the Venetian period 13th - 18th century. The highest mountain of the island is the mountain of Pantokrator with its peak up to 906 m. The climate of Corfu is mild and humid. The economy of Corfu is based on agriculture but mostly on the tourism. Olive oil is the leading product of the island and is considered to be among the best in Greece. Other products are milk, butter, cheese, white wine and processed meat.

Only 1,5 a nautical mile away from the island of Paxos is situated the island of Antipaxos. This small green covered piece of land, with olive trees and vineyards has got an area of only 5 square kilometers. 

Its only one harbor is called "Agrapidia" and the villages of the island consist of low houses and vineyards. But, here in this island you will find some of the most beautiful beaches in the Ionian Sea, like the exotic beach of "Paradise". "Paradise beach" is unique in the island of Antipaxos, because of its white gold silky sand beach (outside and inside the water), the cleanest and light blue colors, and of course of the brightest blue Eptanisian Sea.

Enjoy a daily cruise on board one of our luxury yachts around Corfu or the nearby Paxi Islands and have an unforgetable moment.