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The Cyclades island complex is found in the Central, Eastern and Western Aegean Sea and has twenty four (24) inhabited and many more uninhabited islands of small or medium size.
The Cyclades islands are famous worldwide due to their:

  • Exceptional natural beauty, with the dry landscape having almost no vegetation
  • Thousands of amazing protected bays and beaches with golden sand and crystalline waters of all shades of blue, turquoise and green. Each island has on average forty to sixty wonderful beaches of different kinds (isolated, organized, small, large etc) to choose from.
  • Impressive history of more than 13.000 years!: Numerous museums, monasteries, churches, very important archaeological sites (such as “Delos” near Mykonos and “Akrotiri” in Santorini etc) and some of the oldest settlements of mankind are found there
  • Unique architecture with little cubic whitewashed houses forming picturesque traditional villages
  • Numerous excellent dining and entertainment options. In almost every island visitors will find many stylish restaurants, traditional tavernas, cozy cafes and bars -usually open all day long- that will satisfy all different tastes.  
  • Delicious cuisine and local products, such as the famous wines, the “fava: and the tiny tomatoes of Santorini, various varieties of cheese etc.  
  • Bright sun, shining almost all year round.

Mass tourism has no place in Cyclades, as all of them keep their authenticity and local character.
Cyclades, offer different types of islands that will excite all kinds of visitors. The ideal islands for those who love:

  • Cosmopolitan, world famous upper class islands, with numerous restaurants, beach bars and intense day and night life, are: Mykonos, Santorini and Paros.
  • Primitive islands, where life seems to be forgotten in the past, are: Koufonisi, Iraklia, Donousa, Shinousa, Kythnos, Sikinos, Anafi.
  • Traditional islands offering equally primitiveness and a satisfactory level of quality tourist and entertainment infrastructure, are: Folegandros, Amorgos, Milos, Ios, Sifnos, Serifos, Kea (Tzia), Antiparos.
  • Family destinations, with quite developed yet picturesque small capital Towns and a satisfactory level of tourist and entertainment infrastructure, are: Naxos, Andros, Syros, Tinos.
  • Unique volcanic landscapes with breathtaking natural beauty, are: Santorini, Milos, Kimolos, Polyegos (uninhabited).
  • Towns with impressive neo-classical mansions and European-style squares, accompanied with beautiful beaches, good tourist infrastructure and entertainment options, are: Syros and Andros.              

YACHTING IN CYCLADES: The Cyclades complex is extremely popular as a yachting destination, however it less “yachting friendly”, if compared to Ionio, Sporades, Dodecanese and Saronic Gulf, due to the “meltemi” winds. They are strong (6-7 BF) North winds that become stronger in the Central Aegean and transform to NW in the North Aegean and NE in the South Aegean. They prevail mainly during the end of July and August.
Despite having inferior yachting infrastructure, compared to Ionio and Dodecanese, yachters will find satisfactory berth and other facilities at low or insignificant cost. There are quite enough berth places at the public ports or at the few small public marinas. Fuel and water are available in almost all islands, along with numerous protected bays with crystalline blue-green waters, ideal for anchoring.

20-30 days, would be the ideal charter duration for those wishing to visit most of the Cyclades islands, as each one has so many amazing experiences to offer.
14-20 days would be enough to visit the most interesting islands and acquire a satisfactory taste of the area.
In 7 days, yachters will face the difficulty to choose only 4-8, among the 24 amazing islands, depending on their yachts speed, weather conditions and the time they want to spend sailing.

The most popular 7 days charter itineraries (starting/ending Athens) are:

Western Cyclades: Kea (Tzia), Kythnos, Serifos, Sifnos, Kimolos & Polyegos, Milos.

Western, North & Central Cyclades. In this case yachters have to choose among: Kea, Kythnos, Syros, Andros, Tinos, Mykonos, Paros, Antiparos, Naxos.

Western, Central & South Cyclades. In this case yachters have to choose among: Kea, Syros, Tinos, Mykonos, Paros, Antiparos, Naxos, Small Cyclades (Koufonisi, Iraklia, Shinousa), Ios, Folegandros, Amorgos, Santorini.



  • KEA:  Vourkari picturesque fishing village / port
  • KYTHNOS:  Kolona amazing beach - Loutra bay & village
  • SERIFOS: Traditional Town “HORA” (on the hill – amazing views) - Golden Sand beach (east coast) & other east coast beaches – Koutalas bay & Ganema beach – 60 wonderful beaches
  • SIFNOS:  Mideaval Castle Town with great views – Traditional Town “HORA”
  • POLYEGOS: Uninhabited island with the most intense transparent blue transparent waters!
  • KIMOLOS: Prassa Exotic Beach (NE) - Volcanic naturally sculputered coastline
  • MILOS: Kleftiko Simply Amazing place with caves & rocks in the sea – Sarakiniko: “Moon-like” scape with beach (N) – Papafragas: Amazing Cave beach – Firiplaka & Tsigrado beached (S) – Fyropotamos fishing village (N) with the SYRMATA and the transparent blue sea - Traditional Town “HORA” with great views
  • FOLEGANDROS - Traditional Town “HORA” with great views, magical atmosphere and great places to eat & have fun . Considered as the MOST beautuful of Kyklades, after Santorini – Katergo beach with the transparent emerald sea


  • AMORGOS: Traditional Town “HORA” (one of the most beautiful in Cyclades) & Tholaria Traditional Village – Hozoviotisa Monastery & the near by Agia Anna & Mourou beaches - Little islets with fantastic beaches
  • ANDROS: 60 amazing beaches, most of them isolated – Traditional Town “HORA” – Lakes – waterfalls – rivers - Traditional villages (Stenies – Apikia)
  • ANTIKERI uninhabited islet, with a lovely beach
  • IOS: Traditional Town “HORA” - 50 amazing beaches (most of them isolated): Maganari, Tripiti, Papa, Pikri Nero, Tris Klisies, Agia Theodoti are the best!
  • KOUFONISSIA: Pori exotic beach and caves - Amazing color of the sea in the whole island - Koto Koufonissi (uninhabited island) isolated exotic beaches
  • MYKONOS: The traditional Town “HORA” – Super Cosmopolitan & Chic – 60 amazing beaches – trendy beach bars – Rinia uninhabited islet with exotic beaches
  • NAXOS: 60 amazing exotic beaches – Picturesque old Castle Town (in the capital) – Apiranthos very picturesque village
  • PAROS: Naousa fishing village – One of the most picturesque ports in the Mediterranean! – Parikia Capital “Hora” – Many nice beaches (Hrisi Akti, Kolybithres, Monastiri etc)
  • SANTORINI: Oia – Fira – Kaldera View (SIMPLY BREATHTAKING!)
  • SYROS: Ermoupoli the Capital with the impressive mansions
  • TINOS: 50 very picturesque traditional villages – 50 beaches

NUMEROUS IMPORTANT ARCHAEOLOGICAL SITES & MUSEUMS: Cyclades have a history of 13.000 yrs and one of the most important ancient civilizations (4 – 2.000 b.c.). Almost all islands offer more than one important archaeological sites & museums. Some of the most important Archaeological sites of the world are found in Cyclades, such as Delos (uninhabited island near Mykonos) and Akrotiri in Santorini.

MORE THAN 1.500 AMAZING BEACHES: The Cycladian islands have more than 1.500 AMAZING beaches, with crystalline blue-green waters, that will satisfy all tastes: Isolated that can only be reached by boat, vibrand and cosmopolitan, small, large etc.

UNIQUE TRADITIIONAL CYCLADIC ARCHITECTURE: All Cycladian islands have picturesque traditional villages. Their capital villages are named HORA.


FOLEGANDROS: The Hora (capital village) of Folegandros is considered as the most beautiful in Cyclades, after Santorini’s and this the main reason for visiting this small primitive rocky island. However, it also has lovely little beaches with impressively transparent turquoise waters, including Katergo which is one of the best in Greece.
FOLEGANDROS is IDEAL for those who wish to swim in lovely small beaches with crystalline waters during the day and have a wonderful night time in one of the most picturesque panoramic villages of the Mediterranean.

 - Visit Hora during sunset to admire some of the most stunning Aegean views. This exceptionally beautiful traditional village on the hill has a “fairy tale” like atmosphere that will definitely captivate you. You should definitely have a dinner there in one of the many fantastic cozy restaurants and then a drink in one of its stylish bars.
- Swim in the magnificent Katergo beach, with exceptionally clear turquoise waters

IOS: Ios is peculiar because it has a very vibrant Hora (capital village) with many clubs, cafes, restaurants and shops but the rest of the island is almost isolated, with the exemption of the great Mylopotas beach, which is very cosmopolitan. The main attraction of Ios is its many fantastic sandy beaches, most of which are accessed only by boat.
IOS is IDEAL for those who want wild nightlife and at the same time enjoy a virgin island with some of the most beautiful virgin beaches of Greece.

- Explore its numerous wonderful isolated virgin beaches, accessed only by boat (Tris Klisies, Papa Nero, Pirki Nero, Tripiti etc).
- Anchor in Maganari (south), one of the most popular anchorages of Cyclades, with three wonderful sandy beaches. The area is underdeveloped, but part of the beaches is organized and there are also a couple of tavernas.
- Visit the lovely traditional Hora (capital village) on the hill, to enjoy clubbing, shopping or a nice meal. On your way, you will have the chance to admire the breathtaking views of Gyalos (port) and the Aegean.

KEA (TZIA): Kea (or Tzia) is located at only 35 n.miles from Athens and 15 n.miles from Attica coasts (Lavrio). Being the closest Cycladian island to Athens, is very popular among Athenians and among yachters. As most islands of Cyclades, it has:
- Many beautiful virgin sandy beaches, with crystalline waters and a few organized ones, with Koundouros being the most cosmopolitan among them and a popular anchorage.
- A picturesque Hora (Capital village) on the hill, with a unique traditional architecture with red roofed houses and some nice coastal settlements, among which Vourkari is the most famous, due to its lovely protected bay.
- Various nice tavernas and a few quiet bars by the sea
- Very important ancient history, archaeological sites (such as this on Karthaia beach) and museums.
- Unique ancient trekking paths
KEA IS IDEAL for those seeking a quiet non touristic Cycladian island, with some cosmopolitan flair during high seasons, nice places to eat, lovely beaches and protected bays.    

- Enjoy a nice meal in one of the nice restaurants by the sea, in Vourkari and then a lovely stroll to the isolated peninsula of Agia Irini, where there was a pre-hestoric settlement and now lie ruins of an ancient temple
- Visit the picturesque Ioulida (capital village) on the hill, with a few good traditional tavernas
- Select you favorite isolated bay and enjoy swimming in its crystalline waters.

KIMOLOS: Kimolos is one of the most primitive islands of the Aegean. It has a lovely traditional Hora (capital village) with some restaurants and quiet café-bars, a couple of cute tiny fishing villages, a very small port located on a sandy beach and other beautiful beaches, among which the exotic Prassa with white sand, which is one of the best in Cyclades. However, one of the main attractions of Kimolos is the impressive rocky formations of its coastline. Its proximity to Milos and Polyegos, makes it an interesting stop over.
KIMOLOS is IDEAL for those wishing to explore a primitive Cycladian island with lovely beaches and impressive coastline.

- Swim in the exotic Prassa beach
- Visit the traditional Hora (capital village) on the hill, if you want to see a quiet Cycladian village, with very few tavernas and café-bars.
- Cruise along its coastline to admire the impressive rocky formations

KYTHNOS: Kythnos is famous for Kolona, which is one of the most beautiful beaches in Greece, offering a fantastic perfectly protected anchorage. Besides Kolona, Kythnos has more than 50 other nice beaches, most of them very quiet or isolated. It is a low profile non touristic island, with two very picturesque traditional villages (Hora, the Capital and Dryopida), a few quiet coastal settlements and various cozy places to enjoy a meal or a drink. Kythnos also has a great ancient history, since it developed a great civilization in antiquity and it is the place where the oldest human settlement of Cyclades was found (Maroulas area, 10.000 BC). The island is also famous for its natural therapeutic thermal springs.
KYTHNOS is IDEAL for those seeking a quiet island with beautiful beaches, small traditional villages, cozy places to enjoy a meal or a drink and great ancient history.

- Anchor in Kolona, one of the most spectacular anchorages in Greece, with a fantastic double sandy beach and crystalline waters
- Enjoy a nice meal or a drink on beach, in the lovely quiet fishing village of Loutra, with the little marina or in the nearby tiny bay of Agia Irini. Close to Loutra is Maroulas where the oldest human settlement of Cyclades was found (10.000 BC).
- Stroll along the stone paved alleys of the picturesque traditional villages Hora and Drypida. Hora (capital village) is more vibrant with cozy tavernas, cafes and bars, whereas Dryopida is a pure Cycladian village with unique architecture (red roof tops) and a very few places to eat.
- Swim in the hot therapeutic water pouring from the mountain springs into the seas of Loutra and Kolona bay.

MILOS: Milos is one of the most beautiful islands in the Mediterranean, which retains its quiet traditional, non touristic, character and is definitely a must see, due to its:
- Stunning coastline created by its volcano, with impressive natural rocky sculptures on its land and in the sea, fantastic sea caves and exceptionally beautiful beaches. Among them, the famous Klefitko combines all the above and is one of the most spectacular spots in the world.
- Great history, since it is the home land of the world famous anciet Greek sculpture “Aphrodite of Milos” one of the most popular exhibits of Louvre Museum in Paris
- Lovely colorful fishing villages (Fyropotamos, Mandrakia etc)
MILOS is IDEAL for those wishing to see Kleftiko, one of the most spectacular spots in the world, and to explore a non touristic island with traditional architecture and exceptionally beautiful beaches.

- Visit the famous Kleftiko (accessed only by boat) with the imposing white rock formation, its sea caves and its tiny beaches with crystal clear waters
- Swim in Sarakiniko, the spectacular moon-like beach, with white rocks and crystal clear waters.
- Swim in Papafragas, the imposing open cave-beach
- Cruise along its impressive volcanic coastline and explore its numerous amazing beaches, all with exotic emerald waters
- Visit the picturesque traditional Hora (capital village) with nice tavernas, café-bars and shops selling delicious sweets.

MYKONOS: Mykonos is one of the top cosmopolitan destinations, attracting jet setters from all over the world, due to its unique combination of highlights:
- Wonderful traditional Cycladian architecture
- More than 60 amazing beaches with exotic waters
- Excellent infrastructure,
- Numerous fantastic restaurants, beach bars, endless entertainment and shopping options
- Unique style and atmosphere
- Proximity to Delos island (one of the most important archaeological sites worldwide) and proximity to many other wonderful inhabited and uninhabited Cycladian islands with different characters
MYKONOS IS IDEAL for those seeking a cosmopolitan destination with intense day and nightlife along with all the above. Although it has a few quieter and more traditional places (such as Ano Mera village, Psarades, Agios Sostis etc), in general it would not satisfy those seeking the traditional Cycladian lifestyle, quiet beaches and isolated bays to anchor, except from the nearby uninhabited Rhenia island.

- Bar-hoping while strolling in the bustling narrow stone paved streets of the picturesque Capital village (Hora).
- Enjoy at least one meal by the sea, in one of its many excellent world famous beach restaurants. And if you fancy partying, choose one of the many playing dance music all day long.
- Shopping, either from the famous designer’s stores or from the many cute little shops selling all kinds of souvenirs, local products etc
- Enjoy its fantastic exotic beaches while relaxing in their expensive sunbeds
- Admire the famous sunset from Hora’s Little Venice district, while enjoying a chilling cocktail in one of the many seaside bars.
- Visit Delos island, one of the most important archaeological sites worldwide and the uninhabited Rhenia island, with plenty of virgin exotic beaches. Both are in a very close distance from Mykonos.

POLYEGOS: Polyegos is an uninhabited virgin island near Milos and Kimolos and has the most intense turquoise waters of Aegean, which is the main reason to visit it. You will be stunned with its exceptionally beautiful isolated beaches and its impressive rocky formations, some of which seem to emerge from the sea.

SIFNOS: Sifnos has many funs because it offers a little bit of everything:
- Pure Cycladian architecture
- Adequate entertainment options, nice restaurants and shops
- Picturesque traditional villages
- Nice beaches
SIFNOS is IDEAL for those seeking a pure Cycladian island with adequate entertainment options and a cosmopolitan flair

- Visit the wonderful Castle village (Kastro) during sunset to admire the breathtaking Aegean views and the lovely chapel of Epta Martyres built by the sea. You can have a drink in one of the Castle’s cafes and if you have time have a dinner in the fantastic restaurant on the small beach of Seralia, underneath the village.
- Stroll in the narrow streets of Hora (capital village) during the night, with nice shops, restaurants and bars.

SANTORINI: Words cannot describe the magic of Santorini. It is one of the most incredible places on earth, definitely a “must see” in a lifetime due to its:
- Stunning beauty with breathtaking Caldera views and unique traditional architecture combined with the impressive volcanic landscape
- Amazing colors and atmosphere
- Many excellent restaurants, bars, beach bars, clubs and nice shops
- Great history and important archaeological sites
SANTORINI IS IDEAL for those wishing to visit one of the most beautiful places on earth combining a cosmopolitan atmosphere, with many entertainment and shopping options, history and nice beaches. However, it is the least yachting friendly Cycladian island (along with its neighboring Anafi), due to its volcanic landscape very deep sea bottom and lack of protected bays. If you want to feel the magic of Santorini you have to spend your time in Oia and Fira and you can do that only by using a car - or at least a donkey - for your transportations.

- Stroll along the wonderful stone paved alleys of the exceptionally atmospheric Oia during the afternoon and admire its breathtaking Caldera views and its famous sunset.
- Enjoy at least one mouth watering meal in one of its fantastic restaurants, offering stunning Caldera views. Finish your evening with a chilling cocktail in one of its many cozy bars and clubs in the most touristic and vibrant Fira (Capital)
- Cruise along the volcanic islets of the Caldera, swim in the hot yellow sea of the area and visit the Volcano

Serifos is a quite primitive island with more than 50 fantastic beaches, most of them virgin and all of them with amazing exotic waters. However, it is also famous for its spectacular traditional Hora (capital village) climbed on the hill. It also has some very pure Cycladian villages and a lovely port (Livadi), which is the most cosmopolitan site of the island, with a large sandy beach and various restaurants, cafes and shops.
SERIFOS is IDEAL for those wishing to explore a quiet Cycladian island with many exceptionally beautiful isolated beaches and wonderful traditional architecture.

- Visit the spectacular traditional Hora (capital village) during sunset. It is climbed on a hill above the main port (Livadi) offering stunning panoramic views of the Aegean. There you will also find a few tavernas and a couple of cafes.
- Swim in the fantastic virgin beaches of the island, with exotic waters
- Have a drink or a meal on the beach, in one of the various restaurants and cafes of the picturesque Livadi (main port)

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